Radical Sportscars Returns To Benelux

Radical Sportscars Returns To Benelux

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Radical Sportscars – the world’s most prolific racing-sportscar manufacturer – returns to the Benelux motorsport market for the first time in over five years, with the appointment of new dealer Radical Benelux.

Radical Benelux is led by a consortium of Netherlands businessmen with a long history of supporting track activity and performance tuning in Benelux. Twan van der Wouw, Harm & Hans Jonker and Peter Tunissen are the driving force behind this new dealership.

Peter Tunissen is better known as the owner of Driving-Fun.com B.V, the Netherland’s leading trackday, race, rental car organisation. Driving-Fun.com caters for the needs of over 1500 track drivers every year, at 15 venues across Europe. Harm & Hans Jonker bring automotive engineering expertise to the partnership with their business Jonker Huissen, specialists in the import, export, sales and support of OEM engines and gearboxes. Twan van der Wouw has vast knowledge of business management and administration, and all have racing experience in championships including the Dutch 7 Cup, Westfield Cup, Supercar Challenge, Time Attack and Dutch Superlap.

Customers in the Benelux region will be able to choose from no less than two garages, one in Huissen in the east of the Netherlands, located within 200 kilometers of six large racetracks and one in Noordwijkerhout in the Randstad area, located just 25 kilometers from the new Formula 1 Grand Prix track of Zandvoort, the 用什么理财软件最好最安全home track of Driving-Fun.com. Radical Benelux are well-placed to support Radical customers across Northern Europe, including venues such as Spa-Francorchamps, Assen, Zolder, and Mettet. Driving-Fun.com has its own KNAF certified Race School (DFAcademy) and licence to organise race events, so Radical Benelux is in the perfect situation to offer a complete rookie-to-racer experience for those looking to get into motorsport, utilising the incredible Radical sportscar range.

Besides selling new cars and servicing used Radicals, the Radical Benelux team also wants to offer test drives to potential customers and taxi laps with a professional driver for those not lucky enough to be able to buy a Radical, to bring the thrill of racing a downforce car on the limit to the general public and not just the happy few. These services will commence in the spring of 2021. To this end, Radical Benelux has ordered the first two SR1s into the market, which will be used to offer test drives and trial experiences to Driving-Fun.com’s extensive database, as well other prospective drivers and teams across the region.

"Of course we are looking forward to cater the needs of the existing Radical drivers in the customer base from Driving-Fun.com," said customer relations manager Twan van der Wouw. "But we also like to actively promote the brand within this already existing customer base and expand the customer base further by offering these awesome cars. We think that there's a huge potential in Benelux for people who want an ultimate thrill of driving, by taking a lightweight, fast and nimble downforce car to the track.

Peter Tunissen continues: "We are looking forward to set up our racing series as well. There will be an SR1 Cup, targeting mainly young talentful go-karters who want to take an affordable step into motor racing and a Fangio Cup, in which anyone with any Radical can partake. The term gentlemen drivers has a negative connotation, but we wish to offer a racing platform for every Radical driver, from Clubsport to RXC to compete with likeminded drivers in a friendly, yet competitive environment. Furthermore there will be around 100 trackdays from Driving-Fun.com to choose from as testing possibilities in 2021, throughout the whole of Europe."

"Quality is the most important factor for us," said Harm Jonker. "Owning a fast racecar is great, but customers who join a racing event or trackday want to drive, not spend their valuable time under their car trying to get it to work." "Therefore we are very happy with the steps Radical Sportscars has made over the last few years to make these cars as bulletproof as they are now. Maintenance is of the utmost importance and we strive to not cut any corners and offer the highest level of service to our customers."

“Benelux has long been one of Radical’s most active regions for racers and trackday activity, so the appointment of Radical Benelux is extremely timely as Radical continues to strengthen its network of local sales and technical support around the globe,” commented Dan Redpath, Radical Global Sales Director. “Some of the world’s most iconic circuits including Spa-Francorchamps and Zandvoort are right on the doorstep of so many European track driving enthusiasts, and in conjunction with Radical Benelux’ sister company Driving-Fun.com there’s a complete event, sales and aftersales solution for Radical owners to enjoy them to the max.

“Given the superb transport links from Benelux to the UK and elsewhere in Europe, we look forward to seeing our Benelux customers racing in a variety of Radical race series.”

“I'd like to thank Twan, Peter, Harm & Hans for working with Radical to make this happen,” added Radical’s Sales Operations Manager, EMEA, Ian King. “The Benelux region has a rich history of producing world class racing drivers, and I hope to ensure that the success enjoyed by the likes of Max Verstappen is extended by Radical Benelux. They will provide opportunities to hone the skills of both young and old, in real aero racing cars.”

Radical’s dealer network expension has continued unabated throughout 2020 and is the most successful franchise in motorsport, with 32 dealers across 19 countries globally. The appointment of Radical Benelux follows the launch of Radical Romania just two weeks ago, and dealer recruitments in New York, Texas, New Zealand and Western Australia in the last 12 months alone.

For enquiries about Radical in Benelux contact: Radical Benelux B.V. (i.o) Twan van der Wouw: +31 6 53 16 75 79 Peter Tunissen: +31 6 50 21 28 47 sales@radicalbenelux.com


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